This speck of dust riding waves of light is just a break in the rhythm;
just a pause in the non-dark. . .

David Agbodji photographed by Miguel Reveriego for Antidote F/W 2014

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The aftermath...


The night of the Scottish referendum, I contemplated what my reaction would be in the event of a ‘Yes’ majority. I thought of the joy and pride I would feel; the nervous anticipation of beginning the journey to independence - the struggles and challenges we would no doubt face; and I thought of…


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I think I re-blogged this before.
But she rocks, so so what?

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Details from The Gates of Hell by Rodin. Bronze doors originally commissioned for a new museum in Paris which never opened. Rodin worked on the 200 separate elements for almost 37 years. Planned around the characters of Dante’s The Divine Comedy, the finished sculpture became a more abstract work with many of Rodin’s popular motifs included amongst the tortured souls. This version is at the Rodin Museum in Philadelphia.

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